Get to know the author

Alexa is a young aspiring author with the pleasure of being in the armed forces of the U.S.

She began writing in high school when she woke from a vivid dream that felt more like a movie than anything. As she continued to place words to paper, she realized she had written more than she ever expected.

Initially she just wanted to write to get the images out of her head, but what came out on paper was much more. She continued to wake from these beautiful dreams and proceeded to add them to the ever growing piece of art she was creating. Before she knew it, there were 150 pages, single spaced, in small font, on her hands.

As the years passed she put the work down and picked it back up over a dozen times, taking 10 years to complete a rough 6th draft. Which lands us here, in her struggles as she finally presses forward with her work in hopes of creating a world that many can enjoy.