Le’ struggle

If you’re a writer, you’re all too familiar with the struggles that come with being a writer. Finding a perfect editor that you mesh well with, finding a cover that speaks to your soul, your readers, and your checkbook, writer’s block (currently on my 3-month hiatus), or financial troubles to pay for any of the proper utensils or services that would help you make your perfect book.

And if you’re not a writer, but have a few friends or a family member that writes, then you have probably had to listen to them rant and rave on and on about some of the struggles above, am I right?

But what about the troubles that actually happen in your writing? Not writer’s block, but meshing everything together to where it makes sense and you can’t tell the author was up at 3 in the morning giving it their last shot of energy before they crashed at their desk for the third night in a row.

Now I never want to be the person who says one genre is better than another, I just identify with some more than others. For instance, I absolutely LOVE horror and thriller, but sadly I cannot fathom how to construct it into the words to make it scary. I use this as an example because if a horror story has no horror, what is it? Yet another struggle the writer has to deal with.
The problem for me with fantasy is I have too much freedom!
Wow, I never thought I’d say that, it felt icky.
But hear me out. With a lot of fantasy and science-fi stories writers go to the depth of our brains and create beautiful worlds that we wouldn’t believe. The tricky part is that with fantasy it doesn’t have to have one piece of realism, theoretically. Sci-fi has to be closer to life as we know it because more times than not it’s set in a distant future with things we are still able to understand how it works.
Fantasy doesn’t. Fantasy worlds and the people in it can be whatever you dream up and it doesn’t have to make sense to the people of our world. However, if you create a world like that, you have to show the reasoning for why people act the way they do, for us Neanderthals to understand.
Don’t even get me started on trying to use characters like witches, elves, gnomes, vampires, or werewolves. All of these have been exploited so much that it almost becomes a turn off if I know some of these races are in it. I think personally I’ve just had an overload on them, like having the same meal all day every day for 3 months straight. Lol, but the funny part is that my work in progress actually has a hybrid (look, don’t judge! I’m a hypocrite from time to time). I constantly struggle with how can I make him different that people will want to keep him around, while also trying not to make him cheesy or a cliche. It’s all about balance I guess.
My point in all of this is just to say, we all have our struggle with our writing, essential we are the God of our world we create, everything depends and falls on us. So you can either let the struggles gobble you up or you can make that badass piece of work you always dreamt of!

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