A genre for all ages

Now, in my opinion, fantasy is one of those genres that brings all the ages together. Think of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter was released when I was in elementary school, and I’m damn near thirty now. It has even expanded now into an even earlier timeline with fantastic beasts. Lord of the rings came out well before I was born, and Tolkien was writing it while he was supposed to be focusing on the war (just like a writer’s brain to need to write at the most inconvenient time.) The worlds Tolkien created have touched AT LEAST 3 generations to my knowledge, and that continues to grow.

Now a lot of the times fantasy may be perceived as a genre for children because a lot of them have young adult themes or just seem very childish in the larger schemes of things. What I see are stories that have intertwining age elements.

If you’re a parent or an older sibling, think of the last time you tried to watch something with fantasy with your child or younger sibling. Children tend to ask a lot of questions do they not? Have they ever asked you a question and you had to hesitate with an answer because they simply weren’t old enough to understand that concept? Whether it be sex, war, critical thinking or whatever, some things just won’t be understood. Just like for young folks trying to teach their grandparents today’s technology lol!

In a lot of fantasy stories I’ve come across, there is romance. I mean, hey it’s a part of life to love and want to be loved, so it seems crazy to not include it, right? But children don’t understand that concept fully. Or when a story is telling it from the point of view from a child’s mind, adults no longer think that way, so a lot of us may have reservations about the plot, because as we have grown older, we believe we have gotten smarter or wise than children, when in actuality we just started complicating things.

So be open to the different age elements in fantasy, open your mind up to things you may no longer understand or have yet to fully understand. Fantasy has a way of tugging at everyone’s heart strings!


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