Almost Out of the Storm

It’s been a couple months since I decided to take a writing hiatus. Originally it was to try and get my life together, but I actually found out recently that I was the one making my life difficult, which if I’m being honest, is no suprise.

In that time I was able to take a step back and figure out how to make myself write again, well atleast I hope figured it out. It’s a trial and error process. Dont judge me.

This whole time I was thinking I was someone who could wing it and be able to make a good book by just writing whatever came to my mind and just tweak it a little later, wrong! There are two kinds of writers, pantsers (the type who dont really plan it out or outline), and the ones who pretty much plan out every single detail of the book (over exaggerating). I think I just might be the outlining type, because not being a planner hasnt really worked too well for me. I feel like I’m constantly doing rework.

So as of now I wanna plan it all out and this is why I need you guys ! I want you guys to send me any templates for book planning you have that I could use. Like character arcs, conflict/resolution, story arcs, how you decide a chapter is done, anything !!

Now just because I’m choosing to outline and plan the book out this time doesnt mean there won’t be some writing that I randomly decide to write, there is room for flexibility, but I definitely need help yall. So send me anything that helps you plan your book out that you are comfortable sharing to my email and I look forward to hearing from some of you 🙂


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