I’m convinced…

That I suck at blogging 🤷‍♀️

Not only that, but that maybe I dont even really like it. Because who is to say that what I say is even relevant ? Not to mention what even is “quality material?”

Most time I feel like I’m just ranting in an online diary lol. Sure I try to keep it on one topic, but who really knows. Like for example, I dont even read blogs lol like to even see what quality looks like! Apparently I should add multiple pictures to break up the words, certain word counts, post at certain times on certain days, blah blah blah 🤣😂, like but why though? To gain followers of people i dont know to get them interested in me ? Am I selling myself in that case? Does that make me a blog whore 😮

Like thinking if all these things just baffles me. Now to the folks who are great at it, GO YOU! This isn’t a dig at them, this is just me saying I don’t get it and its real purpose.

Originally I created a blog because I was informed for new writers it’s a great way to learn some writing hacks, get your name out there and known, and to even network. I’ve definitely done a couple of those, but not all. Not to mention as the year progressed my patience for writing began to slip further and further below the waistline.

With that being said, if you like my ranting type blogs, since that’s mostly what I have AWESOME! Cause I’m great and rambling. But if you want something with more structure, balance, pizazz, and meaning….well hmmm idk what to tell you. Maybe one day I’ll have change the way I do things, but not for now. I’m being selfish and doing it the way I want !!😝


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